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  • 20+ years of experience
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  • Chronic illness specialists
  • Comprehensive environmental consulting and mold assessments
  • Locally owned and operated
Josh, the owner, replied quickly to my initial phone call and a few additional calls. I could tell immediately that he was very knowledgeable about his work. There was nothing at all high pressure about him. When he did my inspection, he explained everything to me and was very patient with my numerous questions. I knew that whatever results he came up with would be honest and accurate, and this was a concern of mine when I decided I needed someone to check my place for mold. It would be wonderful if we could have more businesses here in South Florida that were run with such honesty and integrity. I highly recommend Discreet Air Quality and Josh as the owner!!
Debra Berg
Debra Berg
15:55 17 Nov 21
What a nice fellowAnd super knowledgeable and thoroughCould t be happier with his work and the reportHighly recommend.
Robert Bialer
Robert Bialer
20:29 13 May 21
Josh and his team truly understand how a poor air quality is been affecting my health due to a mold issue discovered in my home office. Im glad that their knowledge and process improved my health once the job was complete. Thank you Discreet Team.
Santy Chavarro Vargas
Santy Chavarro Vargas
12:58 13 Mar 20
OMG, they are the best. They came over quickly and took care of my flood from a roofer error. Cleaned up everything to perfection. My house was in better shape when they left then before I even had my flood. THANKS GUYS!!
Robin Ochenblatt Smith
Robin Ochenblatt Smith
21:54 17 Oct 19
The question is not asked enough. “How is my air quality”.
We keep our car cleaned, our clothes, our homes....

But we are not sure how clean the air we breath is, which gives us life.

Because it’s not visible. Dirt is visible.

You need a professional that’s not only trained in the specialty of collection of the data via multiple diagnostic methods, but also what actions to take with the findings.

This isn’t your general contractor.

Discreet Air Quality are specialist in ONLY THIS.

Hire with trust to give yourself and your family peace of mind.
Klark Brown
Klark Brown
04:23 17 Oct 19
Josh did a very thorough job of our home. He is very polite and professional. He inspected our entire home with state-of-the-art technology. He was also available on several occasions to answer some of my questions. If you have any doubts about the air quality of your house or mold/water concerns, call Josh. Honest professionals like Josh are very hard to find in South Florida. Thanks again Josh.
Mark Hamburger
Mark Hamburger
18:16 14 Oct 19
Concerned with your air quality? Experiencing symptoms? Josh with Discreet Air Quality is the professional you want to inspect your building. From his expertise in forensic building inspections to his understanding of biological contaminants and their effects on occupants, he will be able to aid in identifying and resolving any indoor environmental issues you may be experiencing!
Dave Luce
Dave Luce
21:23 28 Jul 19
I am the office manager for a local Doctors office and we see immune compromised patients, so mold is a big concern. Discreet Air Quality was very professional! They were very through and checked all areas of the office. Joshua explained the process and made sure I was completely satisfied before he started. He took several air samples. Once the test results were completed, he went over all the reports. He also went over solutions for each area of concern. We are now mild free and know that our office is safe for all the patients and employees alike! I highly recommend Discreet Air Quality to all!! Home or office!!! Thank you Joshua for a job well done!!!
Kary Ramirez
Kary Ramirez
15:30 27 May 19
Having this kind of professionalism on our industry is the number one key to stay in business, no matter how big or small you are, Josh is making a difference in this industry!!! (Restore-tech)
Santiago Chavarro
Santiago Chavarro
21:16 13 May 19
Air Quality Testing Company Miami Beach FL

Experienced & Professional Mold Testing Company

It’s always a good idea to test first if you have mold as it could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Each project we do comes complete with a comprehensive report on the findings of your property. All of our mold testing results are compiled and put into a lab report that is also given to the property owner.

If you’re not sure if you have mold or not, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you smell a musty odor anywhere in your home?
  • Has your home experienced any water problems before such as leaks from toilets, sinks, appliances or your roof?
  • Are you or anyone suffering from allergic type symptoms on the property?

There’s a good chance you need a mold inspection and mold testing if you did answer yes to any of the above questions.

Certified Mold Testing and Residential Air Quality Testing

At Discreet, we offer quality, licensed and certified mold testing and residential air quality testing throughout Miami Beach FL and the surrounding areas. We are locally owned and operated and bring with us over 20 years of experience. Every mold inspection is personally supervised and conducted by our trained certified mold inspectors committed to providing honesty and maintaining the highest standards in the environmental inspection profession. We handle your licensed mold inspection and testing. If you need home air testing or a mold inspection, call us today to schedule a mold assessment.

 For The COnsumer

Providing Property Assessments, Mold Investigations and Environmental Consulting

Your home and work environments are where you spend most of your time. As a result, it’s important to know what’s in your air quality. This can be the difference between living healthy and suffering from chronic illness. Whether you’re already concerned with your indoor environment or simply want to be proactive, we have services tailored to every situation!

When you are consistently having a chronic illness such as asthma or allergies and you can’t figure out why it may be because of the air quality in your home. Often referred to as sick building syndrome, which is when the occupants of a home or building experience ill effects from inside, it’s important to get home air quality testing to eliminate even the possibility of negative air quality.

We use our air quality testing services for asthma trigger testing as well as testing for dust mites, bacteria, pesticides, carbon monoxide, animal dander, fungi, and any other airborne pathogens you could think of. As chronic illness specialists and allergists in Miami Beach FL, we take great care in allergen testing whether it’s a simple home allergen test or an in-depth environmental inspection.

Air Quality Testing for Every Situation

We want to make sure you live healthily and your home stays safe. That’s why our mold testing company encompasses mold inspectors, environmental hygienists, and indoor air quality testing professionals. Nowhere else will you find a mold inspection company that has the experience, knowledge, professionalism, and discreetness to handle all your mold and air quality inspection and testing.

For a home air quality testing near you, call our air quality testing company today at 754.702.7019.

Evaluate Your Air Quality Today!

Schedule An Assessment

Evaluate Your Air Quality Today!

Schedule An Assessment

For The Mold Remediation Professional

Providing comprehensive Pre-remediation Assessments and PRVs

With a 20 year background in Mold Remediation Services, we know a thing or two about mold. Here’s what makes us a great candidate to partner with:

  • Same day results for Post Remediation Verifications.*
  • Visual protocols, including notated imagery.
  • No-cost phone consultations.

* Same day results are only available when mold samples are submitted to laboratory by 5pm.


Mold Inspection and Testing Miami Beach FL


What We Can Do For You

We provide 24/7 services to both the consumer and mold remediation contractor. From indoor air quality assessments to consulting, we offer an array of services that cater to some of the most demanding needs. 


A great first step to identifying potential indoor environmental hazards.

MOISTURE & MOLD Investigations

Got Mold? Let’s find out! Our comprehensive mold air quality test are second to none.


Post Remediation Verification

For both the consumer and remediator, our PRVs are prompt, professional & educational.


Our mold detection company consults on just about every level when it comes to indoor environmental services. Just ask us!

Our Vision

We Promote Healthy Homes, Without Exception

Living healthy can be attainable for everyone. We pride ourselves on offering assessment and consulting services at numerous levels – for both the consumer and the professional. From property assessments and mold air test, to comprehensive Moisture & Mold Investigations, we’re here to service all your indoor air quality testing and environmental needs!

Mold Inspection and Testing Before You Buy or Sell

Mold Assessment Miami Beach FLMost of your time is probably spent indoors at home whether it is doing things around the house or sleeping. With that much time, having clean air is a must to promote good health. It is important if you are interested in buying a new home as no one wants to move into a home where their health gets worse as a result of airborne mold, allergens or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Before you buy, make sure to test air quality as well as a mold assessment. It will save you money in the long run and keep your new home and yourself happy and healthy.

If you are selling a home, it’s equally important to test for mold and other environmental air quality testing to make sure your sale doesn’t fall apart. If you have your home tested prior to selling it and have made improvements, buyers can rest assured that air quality will not be a concern for them.

Residential Air Quality Testing for Real Estate Professionals

A real estate deal can go south very quickly when mold or odors are found within a property. Discreet Air Quality’s mold and air quality testing have helped realtors throughout Miami Beach save their deals. We will perform all required steps including air quality inspection, mold sampling, bacteria and microbial testing, and any other home environmental testing you need to get your property cleaned up and sold.

Help the buyers and sellers involved by recommending our air testing company for all their mold and air quality needs! Our indoor air quality assessments and mold remediation solutions for agents and brokers can be a lifesaver for clients needing a timely resolution to property issues.

We are mold assessment experts when it comes to helping real estate agents in need of mold and air quality services for demanding properties. Call us today to begin the mold investigations and environmental testing near you.


We provide service throughout Miami Beach FL, including 33109, 33132, 33139, 33140, 33141.

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