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The services below are the most commonly requested environmental services that we provide. In addition to these services, we offer an array of investigations and consultations, tailored to the specific needs of individuals and businesses. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Property Assessment and a Moisture & Mold INvestigation?

While these two services may appear similar, they vary greatly. A Property Assessment does not include any form of mold sampling (testing), written assessment report or protocol (which provides written instructions for remediating the moisture and mold findings). For both services, a higher end, and extremely accurate, particle scan is performed. Where the services differ is the amount of data collected. A M&M Investigation will entail scans of your entire property two times over – once with the AC system off and then once again with the system running. 

Which service is best for me?

A great question, and one that requires an initial phone interview to determine which service is best for you. Typically, if your property does not appear to be exhibiting any indoor environmental concerns, a good starting point is a Property Assessment. If individuals are suffering health symptoms within the property, or there are visual signs of damages, a M&M Investigation would be a more ideal service for your needs. 

How do Your services compare to others?

For starters, we aren’t in the business of taking a few mold samples within a property, sending them off to an independent laboratory and then attempting to make recommendations based on this small collection of data during our visit. We are in the business of fully understanding the indoor environment, prior to any level of sampling being sent out for evaluation. You may expect personalized and comprehensive services tailored to your specific needs. We abide by ASTM D7338, which is the standard pertaining to fungal growth within properties. Any company who does not follow this standard should not be performing a mold investigation.

I'm looking to just test A/ My Property for mold. Is this something you can do?

Our best recommendation would be to determine specifically why you’d like to test this property for mold. Albeit there are companies itching to jump into your property and collect payment for taking a couple of mold tests, this is in no way, shape or form beneficial to the client. As a company that understands why we do what we do, we know that an assessment or investigation can only be performed with a purpose in mind. Objective and subjective data needs to be collected as well, in order to perform a service with value to the client. 

What is the difference between mold testing and a mold assessment or investigation?

Mold Testing is an industry created service offering very little value to all parties involved. Performed routinely within the Home Inspection industry, there are a number of companies that offer Mold Testing services, which almost exclusively are limited to a a brief visual inspection for mold and then the procurement of 3-4 mold samples (tests). The result is often a report from a laboratory, which very seldom is properly explained to a consumer. 

A mold assessment or investigation is much more comprehensive. This is because a consultant performing one of these services clearly understands the purpose of the service being performed. He or she will perform a lengthy visual inspection of the property, collecting numerous forms of data from varying meters and equipment. A hypothesis will be formed and the objective and subjective data collected will be put to the test – as a means to challenge the hypothesis and draw conclusions accordingly. You can typically very easily differentiate between mold testing and an assessment/ investigation based on price-point alone. If it sounds like a bargain, run!


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, checks, bank transfers and even credit cards. Yes, we know how much credit card rewards mean to us all! Don’t see the payment type that you prefer, reach out to see if we’re able to accomodate.  

Does my insurance company cover the cost for these services?

There are many factors that come into play with discussing indoor environmental hazards and insurance coverage. Assuming you have Mold/Fungi coverage within your insurance policy, most insurance carriers will cover the cost of our services. In many cases, a property owner will have to render payment for services and then seek reimbursement from their insurance company.  

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