We know how it feels when you’ve placed your home on the south Florida real estate market and are anticipating the long-awaited feeling of relief upon finally closing with a buyer.

But wait, something smells fishy. And we don’t mean your buyer is up to something suspicious — we mean it in the literal sense. Do you smell that? Is it mildew? Is it chemicals? Or maybe airborne contaminants?

In any case, before your buyer schedules a home inspection, we recommend you schedule an inspection of your own: one of air quality. After all, if you have indoor air quality issues that show up in a report prior to finalizing your home’s contract, you risk turning off your buyer or otherwise losing money.

Here’s what we mean:

Home Inspection Basics

A home inspection is scheduled and performed upon the request of a home buyer. Typically, this process occurs once a person has decided on a home but has yet to finalize or close on a contract with the seller.

Put simply, a home inspection is conducted in order to determine the overall condition of a property, thereby allowing the buyer to fully understand what defects or health hazards may be present before they sign on the dotted line.

“You may be able to negotiate with the seller to make the contract contingent upon the results of the inspection,” the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) explains. “For this reason, it is usually in your best interest to conduct your home inspection as soon as possible if you want one.”

The Role Of Indoor Air Quality

As indoor air quality — including insulation and ventilation — plays a role in the ultimate outcome of the inspection process, it may serve you best to schedule an indoor air quality assessment or property assessment of your own prior to the home inspection itself.

If you suspect your indoor air quality may not be up to par when it comes time to negotiate your property’s contract, finding out and mitigating existing problems now rather than later may save you more money in the long-run in that your buyer cannot use it as leverage to negotiate down.

And, since an indoor air quality assessment will provide you with a comprehensive report on everything from mold samples to thermal images, carbon dioxide emissions, and more, you’ll be fully-equipped to correct any deficiencies that may otherwise capture the wrong kind of attention.

Hiring Help For Your Home’s Health

Even if you have yet to put your home on the real estate market, ensuring its success can quite literally depend on the air you breathe, so sooner is better in terms of scheduling an indoor air quality assessment!

What’s more, homeowners and buyers in south Florida deserve quality services, which is why Discreet Air Quality is proud to offer its expertise in environmental consulting.

With more than 20 years of combined experience, working as fully-licensed and insured indoor air quality experts, we guarantee you’ll find satisfaction with our reports and actionable recommendations.

To learn more about how we can help you optimize your south Florida home prior to a certified home inspection, contact us today by calling  (754) 702-7019! Our mission is to promote healthy homes without exception, and we look forward to working with you.