Perhaps you’re concerned that existing contaminants are already airborne in your space, or perhaps you’re feeling proactive and committed to continually optimizing the air quality of your home or business.

In either case, your efforts can only be aided and enhanced by the hands of your local professionals.

Thus, a property assessment may be the ideal investment to ensure that you’re on the right track to meeting and maintaining your preferred air quality standards.

What Is A Property Assessment?

A property assessment is a service designed to provide you with an overview of the current state of your property with regard to its air quality. While not as comprehensive as a full indoor air quality assessment, a property assessment still provides homeowners and building managers alike with the information they need to understand what may be compromising the airborne integrity of their space.

Specifically, a property assessment involves:

  • An imagery report
  • A visual investigation
  • Meter readings
  • Thermal imaging
  • And airborne particle scans

Property assessments may be of particular use to real estate professionals — as well as those attempting to sell their property — as environmental contamination can impact a property’s total market value.

How Does This Differ From An Indoor Air Quality Assessment?

Indoor air quality assessments involve all of the aforementioned reports and investigations, but are taken a step further with regard to specific sources and types of contamination.

In particular, our indoor air quality assessments include detailed mold, carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compound (VOC) investigations, thereby shedding more light on how the current air quality may be negatively impacting the overall well-being of a building’s current residents.

Clients who request indoor air quality assessments are also provided with more specific recommendations regarding how best to treat and mitigate any present airborne hazards. While property assessments are useful for real estate purposes, we recommend indoor air quality assessments for more common residential and commercial concerns.

Dialing In Your Discreet Professionals

Whether you’re readying a property for the market or wondering what in the air could be causing recurring respiratory problems, assessing your property’s air quality is always in your best interest.

And if you’re looking for a locally owned and operated business that provides the highest caliber of environmental consulting, Discreet Air Quality is here to guide you. Our certified inspections in South Florida are professionally conducted and supervised by expert technicians, and we provide 24/7 services to both our consumers and mold remediation contractors.

Don’t wait to find peace of mind with regard to your property. Instead, contact Discreet Air Quality today at 754-702-7019 to schedule your assessment!